Energy and Water Master Planning Drives Efficiency and Resiliency

As the world works to promote energy conservation and efficiency objectives, governments are enacting comprehensive new programs and policies to ensure these goals are met. Corporations and government agencies alike face stringent regulations when building new facilities and retrofitting older ones to be sustainable and efficient. Energy and water master planning, including benchmarking and auditing, is a critical step in ensuring compliance. A licensed and certified energy management professional can help you maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and make a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

If your buildings and real property must comply with EPA ENERGY STAR standards or other federal, state or county mandates like Executive Order 13693, you may require energy benchmarking and energy audits, which qualify and quantify how building energy systems are performing. The results of such studies can help you generate energy purchasing strategies, identify and analyze energy and water efficiency measures that help you forecast for the future, develop facility improvement measures, and reduce utility costs.

A full-service energy or water master planning solution should also include energy and water performance analytics that provide granular or aggregated data about your building’s usage. These metrics result in advanced reporting as well as predictive modeling and graphical analysis of consumption and efficiency on a continuous basis. In addition to helping you predict energy consumption levels, utility bills, and life cycle costs, modeling can be a key method for evaluating the return on investment in green energy solutions, and ensuring resiliency and energy security by making your facility withstand unpredictable disasters. With key data at your fingertips, your organization will be better able to develop and implement ongoing commissioning plans for long-term savings related to energy and water usage.

Energy and water master planning is about more than just compliance; it helps you make practical improvements that save money and meet business objectives. NIKA’s expert engineers perform energy benchmarking, modeling, and audits tailored for complex and mission-critical buildings. With two decades of experience providing net-zero energy and water solutions, including combined heat and power (CHP), NIKA’s energy services team goes the extra mile to exceed expectations. Contact NIKA’s Energy Services practice at 301.770.3520 to learn more about this cost-saving service that helps you meet the increasingly complex regulations governing building energy and water use, and make smart decisions for a sustainable future.


A New Type of Malware Can Lock Power Plant Computers For Ransom

With incidences of large scale cybercrime on the rise, crafty hackers are constantly exploring new areas for criminal exploitation. Similarly, law enforcement organizations and educational institutions are doing their best to anticipate and prevent these attacks before they happen. A recent paper by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that critical infrastructure may be the next target of these cybercriminals. Hackers could exploit the computers that control building systems and either demand a ransom or inflict damage in order to cause disruption and chaos.

Click here to read a recent article by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai at Motherboard that details the potential dangers that industrial control systems will face in the near future.

Concerned about your building’s security? Contact NIKA’s Enterprise Technology specialists for more information about how you can protect your building, its systems and occupants from cyber threats.