Facility Management: Key Analytics Drive Informed Decisions

As facilities are built smarter, more secure, and more complex, the need for actionable data is more important than ever. Luckily, the pool of information and data available is also bigger and better than ever. Facility owners and managers can leverage automatically-collected information on energy usage, equipment condition, inventory and more. The challenge in this age of big data, however, is seamlessly marrying and integrating that data in order to eliminate error-prone manual processes while delivering useful information to key stakeholders. Analytics and advanced reporting can help.

By combining key data from these previously disparate sources, a company like NIKA can deliver a wide variety of analytics and reports based upon your needs. Examples include:

  • Equipment condition index across inventory
  • Identification of missed project opportunities or bundling opportunities
  • Synchronization between projects that span multiple years as identified
  • Manufacturer performance across inventory
  • Identification of maintenance performance outliers
  • Identification of maintenance best practices
  • Validation of assessment ratings

This is just a small sample of potential applications of facility analytics. You can also integrate energy reports and other facility data into the analytics environment for a full view of your facilities.

In addition to easy-to-use dashboards and one-click reports, you can build an environment where you can design your own reports on demand based on a huge number of available variables. Comprehensive analytics solutions can help you not only answer questions related to the current condition of equipment, but also give you information about where the equipment is used, how often, in what context, what is the performance overall, its maintenance history, and much more.

With a custom-designed analytics solution, you can also access information anywhere, any time, and any place. Based upon assigned administrative permissions, users can dictate virtually every aspect of their analytics delivery. A secure database repository can provide your data in a wide variety of file formats, various delivery methods, and with custom scheduling options.

Furthermore, enterprise reporting programs can provide error protection by identifying and highlighting outliers and anomalies to ensure that the data you are using is clean and accurate, since using erroneous data can have a measurable impact on budget and analysis down the road.

Analytics solutions can provide efficient, error-free analysis that will help you:

  • Make informed decisions previously based on hunches
  • Back up your recommendations based on accurate data
  • Access instant historical data
  • Aggregate data across the enterprise
  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual data analysis

For more information on NIKA’s analytics and custom reporting solutions, contact our Enterprise Technology practice at 301.770.3520.