Business Intelligence Solutions for Effective Energy and Water Management

Energy and water management is a critical component of maintaining a successful and efficient facility portfolio. Healthcare facilities use enormous amounts of energy and water, and they require complex systems to provide continuous care. Each of those systems generates important information that can be used to drive actionable conservation strategies that enhance day-to-day operations. In order to harness the power of that data, however, facility owners must be prepared to shed outdated processes and implement innovative business intelligence (BI) measures that will help usher these properties into the future.

At NIKA, we are innovating and improving upon the data collection process and, more importantly, the means by which to analyze that data. By taking organizations out of the dark ages of spreadsheets and packaged reports, we are able to implement fully functional BI tools that have the ability to create a baseline of information, track trends, monitor performance changes, and guide maintenance programs.

NIKA starts with data warehousing, a process that includes conducting client meetings, whiteboarding options, configuring dataflows, and ultimately coming together to build a custom solution that meets each client’s unique needs. We gather data from public, private, and proprietary sources to build solutions and identify any critical holes in the data.

Data quality is an important factor that is often overlooked. Reports and analytics are useless if they are built on faulty or incomplete information. While typically used in the business world to measure performance, we’ve found that a “scorecard” can be a dynamic and effective tool for measuring data quality, as well. These scorecards can highlight gaps or anomalies in data that must be resolved before moving forward.

Once data quality has been verified or remedied, the process moves forward to the exciting part – the big payoff!

While the overarching goal of this type of project is to create a baseline of information and track trending and performance changes, the beauty of a powerful BI tool is its ability to adapt and give more.  For example, if a single utility bill is identified as being substantially higher at one facility than those around it, we can then investigate the issue to determine if there are unique variables, faulty equipment, or other factors. In one instance, the NIKA scorecard helped a government client identify a recurring typo on an automated energy bill that resulted in overspending by close to one million dollars over the course of a year. With the power of our BI tool, not only were we able to spot this outlier, but instantly pull up the underlying documents and show them how the error had been occurring so the client could demand a refund.

Business intelligence solutions provide at-a-glance representations of energy and water consumption and cost over time at a given facility, helping energy program managers identify opportunities for energy efficiency and improved building performance. See an immediate impact on your ability to save money, comply with regulations, take advantage of energy incentives, increase system efficiency, prolong the effective life of systems, and promote environmental stewardship.

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