Data Sustainment Specialist – Biloxi, MS, US

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Data Sustainment Specialist – Biloxi, MS, US

Data Sustainment Specialist

Department: Facilities Operations Management
Location: Biloxi, MS, US

Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) Support

Description: Supports medical facility life cycle management using the DMLSS FM module to manage the

preventive and corrective maintenance program.

Specific tasks include but are not limited to the following:

• Enable tracking of work performed within the facilities, both preventive maintenance (scheduled), and

repair (unscheduled).

• Assist in the identification of trends through review of work requests

• Create, update and closeout work requests for specific work classifications as identified by the Facility


• At DSS I locations identified in exhibit B perform work order management support for repair

(unscheduled) services in the DMLSS Equipment Management module to include open, edit,

complete, close, delete, and set inactive.

• Create and maintain the DMLSS facility management database inventories within DMLSS FM


• Maintain the Facility Room and FSI/RPIE inventories through the population of the data

elements/fields identified.

• Maintain historical cost data on the individual RPIE items to support facility life cycle.

• Update the Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR) website ( to ensure it

contains accurate data for the MTF.

• Maintain records of all active facility projects in the DMLSS-FM Project Management module

• Maintain status of all active projects to include contract modifications/change orders.

• Provide management data input to MAJCOM data calls.

• Create and maintain maintenance procedure and preventive maintenance schedule records

• Provide support to administer the DMLSS Regulatory Compliance module

• Support of Life Safety work requests and projects are properly

• Record and transcribe meeting minutes for the MTF Environment of Care (EOC) Committee meetings

per the required MTF meeting minute format and EOC Committee meeting schedule.

• Perform other EOC-related duties (development of EOC meeting briefing slides, maintaining safety

inspection reports, documenting metrics, etc.) as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Record all applicable future maintenance, repair, renovation, modernization, and expansion needs in

the Requirements Module.

• Transfer findings from written condition assessment reports, inspections, studies, etc., into the

requirements Module as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Combine individual requirements into requirement bundles as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Check the JMAR website to validate that data in the Requirements Module.

• Submit tickets to Military Health System (MHS) Helpdesk to correct any identified problems

• Ensure the most recent Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Drawbase DMLSS compatible drawings are properly

stored on the DMLSS server. Drawings shall be accessible at all times to other DMLSS-FM users and


• Maintain the association between the DMLSS-FM Room Inventory database and DMLSS compliant

Drawbase drawings using the DMLSS-FM Drawing Management module.

• Maintain a list of work requests and projects that result in changes to facility layout (walls, doors, etc.) and

sketch (“redline”) changes on an existing hard (paper) copy of drawings.

• Input and update BUILDER and RPSS facility data.

• Generates BUILDER Work Plans and reports; and submits said reports and plans to the Facility Manager and

respective HFD Branch Chief(s) on request.

• Maintain accurate contact information on all organizations and personnel who support the medical facility,

i.e., contractors, manufacturers, vendors, DoD agencies, regulatory agencies, etc., utilizing the Directory

module of the DMLSS-FM system.

• In accordance with guidance provided by HFD, establish and maintain budget records in the System Services

Funds module for applicable Project Centers, Expense Centers and Elements of Resource (EORs) / Elements

of Expense Investment Codes (EEICs).

• Ensure roles and privileges for DMLSS-FM users are customized to each user’s specific job responsibilities

and ensure only FM staff or other authorized personnel have access to the FM application of DMLSS.

• Standardize in DMLSS-FM all facility project data, work request tracking, funds allocation, key events, RPIE

inventories, preventive maintenance procedures, room inventories, and other areas identified by the COR.

• Retrieve all applicable future maintenance, repair, renovation, modernization, and expansion needs from the

DMLSS-FM requirements.

Level III Additional Tasks:

• Includes All DSS tasks

• Help develop training circula and materials for DSS training

• Provide on-site training for DSS personnel

• Assists the Data Analysts as required


Good communication, time management,