Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) – JP

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Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) – JP

Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS)

Department: Facilities Operations Management
Location: JP

Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) Support


Supports medical facility life cycle management using the DMLSS FM module to manage the

preventive and corrective maintenance program.

Specific tasks include but are not limited to the following:

• Enable tracking of work performed within the facilities, both preventive maintenance (scheduled), and

repair (unscheduled).

• Assist in the identification of trends through review of work requests

• Create, update and closeout work requests for specific work classifications as identified by the Facility


• At DSS I locations identified in exhibit B perform work order management support for repair

(unscheduled) services in the DMLSS Equipment Management module to include open, edit,

complete, close, delete, and set inactive.

• Create and maintain the DMLSS facility management database inventories within DMLSS FM


• Maintain the Facility Room and FSI/RPIE inventories through the population of the data

elements/fields identified.

• Maintain historical cost data on the individual RPIE items to support facility life cycle.

• Update the Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR) website ( to ensure it

contains accurate data for the MTF.

• Maintain records of all active facility projects in the DMLSS-FM Project Management module

• Maintain status of all active projects to include contract modifications/change orders.

• Provide management data input to MAJCOM data calls.

• Create and maintain maintenance procedure and preventive maintenance schedule records

• Provide support to administer the DMLSS Regulatory Compliance module

• Support of Life Safety work requests and projects are properly

• Record and transcribe meeting minutes for the MTF Environment of Care (EOC) Committee meetings

per the required MTF meeting minute format and EOC Committee meeting schedule.

• Perform other EOC-related duties (development of EOC meeting briefing slides, maintaining safety

inspection reports, documenting metrics, etc.) as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Record all applicable future maintenance, repair, renovation, modernization, and expansion needs in

the Requirements Module.

• Transfer findings from written condition assessment reports, inspections, studies, etc., into the

requirements Module

as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Combine individual requirements into requirement bundles as requested by the Facility Manager.

• Check the JMAR website to validate that data in the Requirements Module.

Submit tickets to Military Health System (MHS) Helpdesk to correct any identified problems

Ensure the most recent Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Drawbase DMLSS compatible drawings are properly

stored on the DMLSS server. Drawings shall be accessible at all times to other DMLSS-FM users and


• Maintain the association between the DMLSS-FM Room Inventory database and DMLSS compliant

Drawbase drawings using the DMLSS-FM Drawing Management module.

• Maintain a list of work requests and projects that result in changes to facility layout (walls, doors, etc.) and

sketch (“redline”) changes on an existing hard (paper) copy of drawings.

Input and update BUILDER and RPSS facility data.

Generates BUILDER Work Plans and reports; and submits said reports and plans to the Facility Manager and

respective HFD Branch Chief(s) on request.

• Maintain accurate contact information on all organizations and personnel who support the medical facility,

i.e., contractors, manufacturers, vendors, DoD agencies, regulatory agencies, etc., utilizing the Directory

module of the DMLSS-FM system.

• In accordance with guidance provided by HFD, establish and maintain budget records in the System Services

Funds module for applicable Project Centers, Expense Centers and Elements of Resource (EORs) / Elements

of Expense Investment Codes (EEICs).

• Ensure roles and privileges for DMLSS-FM users are customized to each user’s specific job responsibilities

and ensure only FM staff or other authorized personnel have access to the FM application of DMLSS.

• Standardize in DMLSS-FM all facility project data, work request tracking, funds allocation, key events, RPIE

inventories, preventive maintenance procedures, room inventories, and other areas identified by the COR.

• Retrieve all applicable future maintenance, repair, renovation, modernization, and expansion needs from the

DMLSS-FM requirements.

Level III Additional Tasks:

• Includes All DSS tasks

• Help develop training circula and materials for DSS training

• Provide on-site training for DSS personnel

• Assists the Data Analysts as required

**An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.