IM/IT Manager – Forest Glen, MD, US

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IM/IT Manager – Forest Glen, MD, US

IM/IT Manager

Department: Facilities Operations Management
Location: Forest Glen, MD, US

Provide support to successfully coordinate and partner with all the project stakeholders. Project stakeholders could
include HFPO Project Manager, parent facility’s Information Management Division (IMD), parent facility clinical or
research and support staff, local Network Enterprise Center (NEC), Architect Engineer (AE) firm, Corps of Engineers,
MEDCOM and MRMC G6 staff, HFPA IT Planning staff, and Initial Outfitting and Transition (IOT) contractor where
applicable. Coordination is required on all of the assigned project IM/IT/Low voltage systems to address issues
associated with design, procurement, installation, integration, commissioning, certification, operation, and training of
these systems. IT Planning Support will be responsible for ensuring that all IM/IT/Low voltage systems (e.g., building
automation systems, security systems, access control systems, , mass notification systems, automated signage / wayfinding
systems, video teleconferencing and voice systems,) are integrated successfully with the project’s overall
IM/IT systems in accordance with applicable Department of Defense, Army, and MEDCOM IM/IT regulations. IT
Planning Support is responsible to the HFPA Project Manager or designated representative for daily execution of all
tasks and duties. IT Planning Support shall coordinate with designated HFPA IT Planner(s) to ensure standardized
project delivery and to receive advice and direction on IM/IT/Low voltage systems issues. IT Planning Support is not
responsible for the design of IM/IT/Low voltage systems but for design build projects the incumbent may be required
to provide design development input.
Tasks/Duties include, but are not limited to: