Who We Are

Who We Are

a holistic approach
to facilities and real property.


Governments and industries face a uniquely modern operational challenge: Identifying a skilled architecture and engineering partner with a masterful understanding of operations and facilities management that is capable of providing innovative and integrated solutions that can help them accomplish their mission on time and on budget.

We empower decision makers to effect better change now and sustain it for the long term.”

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Who We Are

NIKA is a full-service architecture and engineering, enterprise technology, and facilities operations management firm. We specialize in the planning, design, building, engineering, management, support and maintenance of complex facilities and infrastructures.

Government and industry turn to NIKA for specialized expertise in:

◊ Hospitals
◊ Medical and Healthcare Facilities
◊ Laboratories
◊ Research and Design (R&D) Studios
◊ Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF)

In order to satisfy the demand for a holistic approach to facilities and real property, we’ve developed The NIKA Ecosystem, a suite of services that is changing the way governments and businesses think about the building, management, and maintenance of their facilities and real property.

Our Architecture and Engineering, Enterprise Technologies, and Facilities Operations Management services work together to drive success for our clients.

With modern designs, cutting-edge technology, exceptional value, holistic service offerings, and a large pool of industry experts, NIKA offers a total solution package for governments and industry.