leadership that
inspire innovation.


NIKA’s leadership team has a proven reputation for unparalleled experience, deep capabilities and specialized knowledge.

With nearly 100 years of combined management and professional services experience, NIKA’s leaders are as diverse, innovative, and cutting-edge as the services we offer. We go beyond A+E to provide full-service solutions and valuable business advice, which translates into success for clients, employees, and partners alike.

Our corporate culture is the backbone of who we are: agile, professional, and honorable.

Jawahar Chaudhary, PE, NIKA Chairman

Jawahar Chaudhary, PE

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Kabir Chaudhary, NIKA Chief Executive Officer, President

Kabir Chaudhary

Chief Executive Officer, President
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Usman Shakir, NIKA Chief Financial Officer, EVP

Usman Shakir

Executive Vice President
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Stephen White, NIKA Chief Marketing Officer, EVP

Stephen White

EVP, Enterprise Technologies,
Chief Marketing Officer
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Mark Smith, NIKA Senior Vice President

Mark Smith

SVP, Architecture and Engineering
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Pete Peterson, NIKA Director of Program Management

Pete Peterson

SVP, Facilities Operations Management
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Shiloh Mann

Managing Director
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Tae Jung, NIKA Vice President, A/E Services

Tae Jung

Vice President, A/E Services


Gregory Knoop

Vice President, Architecture and Engineering

Karen Padmore, NIKA Director of Contracts

Karen Padmore

Director of Contracts

Alok Kumar, Director, SME Mechanical Engineering

Alok Kumar

Director, SME Mechanical Engineering


Roman J. Roman

Director of Mechanical Services

Jamie Goldfarb, NIKA Director of Proposals

Jamie Goldfarb

Director of Proposals

Julio Colón, NIKA Director, Electrical Engineering Services

Julio Colón

Director, Electrical Engineering Services

Chris Flowers, NIKA Director, Logistics, Operations, and Maintenance

Chris Flowers

Director, Logistics, Operations, and Maintenance

Stephen Lipman, NIKA Controller

Stephen Lipman


Thomas Williams, NIKA Director, Human Resources

Thomas Williams

Director, Human Resources

Waheed Elahi, NIKA Director of Information Technology

Waheed Elahi

Director of Information Technology