NIKA 25 Year Anniversary: A Message From Our CEO

Dear NIKA Family,

It is with the greatest of pride and honor that I can share with you all such an important milestone that occurred yesterday – NIKA’s 25th Anniversary!! Twenty-five years ago, in 1998, my father, Jawahar L. Chaudhary, started NIKA in the basement of my childhood home. At that time, my sister, Nitasha and I were in High School and lamented the fact that when we came home from school our dad was always there! To add insult to injury, my mother, Anju G. Chaudhary usually was home after teaching at Howard Universtiy too! Looking back on all those memories though, there is nothing more special than those moments together. Seeing what my father was creating, with all the love and support from my mom, and the entire family was truly special. It’s that environment that shaped and molded NIKA into what we are today.

Fast forward 25 years, and here we are. Since those humble beginnings, we might have grown, but our spirit is the same. We went from the basement family office to a beautiful headquarters in Rockville, MD and most recently a brand new state-of-the-art modern office in San Antonio. Not only has our location changed, the types of services we provide have evolved and matured over the years. We went from providing engineering consulting services, to planning and designing buildings, to managing and maintaining complex facilities across the globe. Throughout this time and progression, there have been many challenges and rewards that we have all learned from and appreciated to make us better.

For a small business, celebrating a 25 year anniversary is a big achievement in itself. It’s a celebration in which we are all a part of because we have made this possible together. We have bled, sweat, and teared to create some incredible work together in these last 25 years. We have delivered compelling capabilities that have made an important difference to our customers and the missions they support. We have supported thousands of our nation’s military service members, their families, and veterans with passion and a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our continued success comes from our biggest asset: our employees. Most importantly, we created our own eco-system. One in which we take care of one another, and our community. This is what I’m most proud of.

To all NIKA Team Members: Thank you. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you all. Let’s keep it going and growing for the next 25. You have all been directly involved in the success of our company. I want to thank every member of our team for your resilience and incredible talent that you bring to NIKA. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with dedicated and intelligent people like you every day. Your commitment to put our customers and their missions first have been integral to NIKA’s progress and success.

To our customers: Thank you for the trust you have had in us for many years. We are honored and grateful for your confidence in us, and we will strive every day to continue to earn it. That confidence is possible thanks to our talented and dedicated employees whose efforts and continued dedication gives us all reasons to be excited about our future.

To our partners: To be in business for 25 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both NIKA and our customers. We thank our partners for their support, commitment, and expertise in helping us serve our government customers around the world.

We are excited about the opportunities ahead to grow and extend our services and capabilities to more challenging, diverse, and exciting areas. We will continue to learn and grow in the process where the possibilities have no limit. We are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary and I am confident that NIKA will continue its successes for many years to come. It is with a tremendous amount of gratitude that I offer you all a very sincere THANK YOU! Let’s enjoy this moment and keep doing what we do best – #GSD!

Kabir Chaudhary