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We see the world differently.”

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Creative Design Lab

The NIKA Creative Design Lab (CDL) is a unique architectural design and research studio working to solve real-world problems through innovation. Our creative team understands that architecture is about more than just aesthetics. Rather, our approach puts people first, focusing on the impact of the physical structure on its inhabitants.

Different from the conventional A+E work studio, the Creative Design Lab is an incubator for fostering out-of-the-box ideas and fresh perspectives that will enrich our world. Our team works to develop a strong understanding of the needs of our evolving society, and then fields a wide variety of ideas and concepts that are nurtured, tested, and refined. This dynamic and flexible process fuels innovation, ultimately leading to design that has the power to transform lives.

Creative Design

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Design/Master Planning

Design Competitions

  • International Design Competitions