IO&T Coordinator – San Antonio, TX, US


IO&T Coordinator – San Antonio, TX, US

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IO&T Coordinator

Department: Facilities Operations Management
Location: San Antonio, TX, US

NIKA is hiring for an Initial Outfitting Transition (IO&T) Coordinator who will provide support services to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) based out of our San Antonio, TX location!

Named a “Top Workplace” by the Washington Post, NIKA is a well-established company that is focused on growth within an entrepreneurial environment. We work with governments to operate and manage their real property. Our operations management, engineering, and project management services provide our customers with the value and expertise to ensure operational readiness for complex and mission-critical facilities.

Position Requirements

  • Have a minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in healthcare FFE-LVS (furniture, fixtures and equipment, and low voltage systems) and Transition
    planning services and implementation.
  • Well-versed in healthcare infrastructure, operations, and/or practice and have direct experience in transition activities.
  • Experience requirement may be satisfied with a combination of experiences in multiple
    functional areas, with a minimum of at least three (3) years in a healthcare environment.
  • Experience and working knowledge of health facility planning and design and healthcare delivery.
  • In the execution of required tasks, the Contractor shall be capable of traveling to conduct required services.
  • Demonstrate experience in managing planning efforts related to the:
    • Development of requirement documents for FFE-LVS (including room layouts, room illustration sheets, project content lists, infrastructure interface and technical specifications).
    • Budgetary and procurement preparation and documentation.
    • Execution of the procurement, delivery, installation, and training related to FFE-LVS.
  • Experience in transition planning and relocation services on new construction and multi-phased healthcare projects to include, but not limited to: conceptual advance planning, identifying occupancy milestones, detailed implementation planning and move sequencing, preparation and setup, compiling documents of detailed move plans for each department impacted, creating an orientation program to ensure staff is completely familiar with the new site/location, services and patient care systems, relocation execution, lessons learned documentation and post-move cleanup.
  • Ability multi-task in diverse environments, articulate requirements and translate plans, policy and procedures into executable programs and projects.
  • Proficient in cross-functional facility planning, assessments, and technical, quality, biddability and safety compliance reviews.
  • Specialized experience in standards development and procurement documents.
  • Comprehensive know-how in supporting complex DOD acquisitions with a unique
    understanding of technical, fiscal, legal, integrate transition planning requirements,
    management and administrative details that make up low risk high performing contracts.
  • Understand what planning data to collect and analyze for incorporation into the Requirement Documents.


  • The IO&T Coordinator serves as the Defense Health Agency-Facility Enterprise (DHA-FE) expert for the planning and execution of IO&T projects and programs, specifically related to transition, furniture, furnishings, medical equipment, casework, artwork, signage, (aka “FFE”) and facility related control systems (sometimes referred to as “low voltage systems (LVS)”).
  • Assist and advise government personnel in the creation of criteria, standards, tools, templates, and other products in support of the military medical facilities enterprise.
  • Leads the requirement planning effort and assists the life-cycle Integrated Project Team
    (IPT)/Project Delivery Team (PDT) in managing the IO&T scope, schedule, quality, and budget.
  • Leads the planning effort and assist the life-cycle project team in managing the project’s
    transition requirements.
  • Provides “IO and Transition Quality Oversight” to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • Responsible for the development and preparation oversight of IO&T “Requirement
    Documents” to include but not limited to:

    • Documents mandated by law (e.g., criteria found in the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFCs)).
    • Performance-oriented documents (e.g., Statements of Work (SOW)/Performance Work Statements (PWS).
    • Detailed design-oriented documents (e.g., drawings, specifications, narratives, project room contents lists/reports (PRC), Comprehensive Interior Designs (CID), transition submittals, etc.)
    • Standards, specifications, and related publications issued by the government for nonrepetitive items (e.g., Performance and Prescriptive Specifications).
  • Serves as DHA-FEs advisor on integrated project schedules, transition/move planning and coordination, excessing FFE-LVS, interim phasing facilities, interim storage/warehousing, security provisions, FFE-LVS delivery/installation, testing and certifications, aseptic cleaning, staff orientation and training provisions, inspections and acceptance protocols, DMLSS ‘gain’ protocols, O&M manuals, and public relations planning (e.g., groundbreaking and ribbon cutting).
  • Assist the PDT in coordinating the transition of personnel and organizations to/from newly constructed, renovated facilities and/or temporary phasing facilities (TPF). Assist with ensuring all necessary coordination and management required in transitioning are completed in a timely manner.
  • Assist and advise government personnel in the creation of criteria, standards, tools, templates, and other products in support of the military medical facilities enterprise.
  • Assist and advise in the development of management tools, track critical information, organize materials, develop information briefings/papers, facilitate workflow, organize/lead meetings, and advise the DHA Facilities leadership on the status of key issues related to assigned CONUS/OCONUS sites.
  • Train team members on military health facility requirement development and sustainment processes.
  • Assist in orientation of DHA-FE health facility planning teams. Assist in organizing and
    developing materials needed for orientation and training.
  • Assist in preparing scope of work statements for proposed contract planning support.
  • Assist in participating in diverse planning and project development teams and conduct site visits.
  • Assist in presenting facility planning process and methodology to executive leadership at local, regional, and headquarters levels.
  • Assist in the development of innovative methods to assist the planning team in coordinating facility infrastructure requirements with operational and space requirements.
  • Perform quality assurance for draft and final products to ensure they are accurate and consistent, and the recommendations are achievable.
  • Assist in performing assessment of current facilities and of non-facility and facility alternatives to address identified gaps between facility requirements and current capabilities.
  • Complete monthly status reports of all on-going actions. Complete briefings, information papers, and other management materials as required in support of assigned CONUS/OCONUS sites.
  • Participate in DHA-FE off sites, short course and other educational courses as assigned and present project briefings and material at these meetings, as required.
  • Perform review of facilities-related governance documentation (DODI, UFC, CONOPS, etc.) and provide comments and recommended edits, as necessary to align documentation with facility planning best practices.
  • Assist in developing written and oral responses to requests for information.
  • Assist in coordinating sources of data and review initial, interim, and final requirements
    analyses, if developed by others.
  • Assist in developing system-wide expertise and ability to review products for consistency, accuracy, and compliance with the corporate model. If a corporate model does not exist, the contractor shall assist in preparing a draft for approval by DHA-FE Facilities leadership.
  • Assist in managing schedule, workflow and administrative requirements in a manner that is transparent to the customer.
  • Advise DHA-FE leadership on business process improvement opportunities regarding integration, operation, and orientation requirements.
  • Acts as liaison between project teams and medical group leadership, department heads and staff as it relates to IO&T planning and execution.
  • Coordinate site logistics, base/MTF access, government field offices, shared space, temporary swing space/phasing facility bed-down with Contractors and government Representatives.
  • Review Contractor submittals related to phasing, transition, FFE-LVS lay-ins, utility interface, functionality etc.
  • Conduct field investigations to ensure new/newly renovated space is equipped to receive FFELVS.
  • Assist the DHA-FE in Transition planning, outfitting, relocating, and excessing all RPIE/PP.
  • Coordinate MTF departmental interim and final moves during the planning phase and following it through completion of the project and/or construction phase.
  • Develop requirements and oversee execution related to the delivery, installation, testing, certifications, and warranty of all FFE-LVS.
  • Develop requirements and oversee execution related to staff orientation and training, O&M Manual provisions, cleaning and inspection and acceptance services, removal, storage and the de/re-install all FFE-LVS to and from the interim space and final space for all departments impacted by the alteration and/or construction (to include those displaced by the Contractor’s phasing plan).
  • Coordinate and document all required resources to support departmental moves, to include:
    Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), Information Technology and communication technicians, third-party vendors/installers, etc.
  • Coordinate equipment whose warranty may be affected by a third-party Contractor move.

NIKA is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.